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Cincinnat TC 200 CNC 

Herbert No 5 CNC         

Elliott CNC                   

Colchester Triumph X2          

Col Mastiff                       

J/S Surface Grinder               

J/S Universal Grinder    

Herbert No 9                

Rambaudi Miller          

Rambaudi Universal Miller

Herbert 4 Spindal Drill  

Town Radial Drill          


Ormerod Slotter             

Bridgeport CNC Miller    

Pinnacle Drill                

Herbert No 7 Capstan    

Meddings Drill                 

Herbert 2D Capstan

Mig Welder

Colchester Lathe                   

Gates Crimper              

Bridgeport VMC                    

Tig Welder


Test Rig

Hardness Tester           

Spray Booth                         

Undercutting Machine

Hydraulic Test Rig         

Capacity List





MAX LATHE SIZE:                            36” DIAMETER SWING 80” BETWEEN

                                                        CENTRES WITH 7” THROUGH SPINDLE

                                                        WITH FULL LENGTH COPYING (DRO)



CAPSTANS                                     30” DIAMETER SWING 6” BORE

                                                         BETWEEN CENTRES 4 FEET.


CAPSTAN 2D                                  21” BETWEEN CENTRES MAX O/D

                                                         41MM WITH COLLETT SWING 8”             



CNC LATHES                                   1” TO 23” DIA SWING 460MM BETWEEN

                                                         CENTRES 90MM DIA THRO SPINDLE


MILLING                                          120” X 20” MAX VERTICLES (DRO)

                                                          54”  X 15” MAX HORIZONTAL BED SIZE

                                                          1020MM X 750MM BRIDGEPORT VMC








SPUR GEARS                                  MIN DIA 0.500”   FACE WIDTH 0.250”

                                                          MAX DIA 24”      FACE WIDTH 3”


SPROCKETS                                    MIN DIA 1”          FACE WIDTH 0.250”

                                                         MAX DIA 24”      FACE WIDTH 3”

                                                         INCLUDING SIMPLEX,DUPLEX,TRIPLEX


SPLINE SHAFTS                              MIN DIA 0.75”     LENGTH 18”

                                                          MAX DIA 2.5


WORMS&WHEELS                         WORM WHEEL DIA 2”  MAX 18”

                                                          BEVALS, STRAIGHT & HELICAL

                                                          UP TO 12” DIAMETRE.


GEAR GRINDING                             ALL DP    FROM 12 TO 5

                                                          MODULE FROM   2 TO 5

                                                          96 TEETH MAX.


SPLINE GRINDING                          24” MAX LENGTH OF SPLINE 3”DIA MAX

                                                           INVOLUTE SPLINE OR STRAIGHT SIDED.

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