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Agricultural Oils

Standard 10W/30 Desel Engines

Multi 15W/30 Agricultural Machinery

Tractor Transmission Fluid (TTF

Lawnmower Oil SAE30

Chainsaw Oil

Milking Machine Oil





Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Oils 32,46,68,

Hydraulic Oils HVI Tempreture Oils




Gear Oils

EP 75W/80, 75W/90, 80W/90, 80/ 90W




ATF and Transmission Fluids

ATF Dexron II automatic transmission fluid




Premium Automotive Fully Synthetic Grades

Engine Oil Fully Synthetic 5W/40

Engine Oil Fully Synthetic 10W/40 Low SAPS






Grease Range

EP2 Lithium based high melting point grease

Molygrease ideal for the needs of plant

00EP & 000EP helical and bevel gears

Food Safe Grease

Grease Cartridges





Brake Fluid universal brake and clutch fluid

Antifreeze and Summer Coolant

Traffice Film Remover (TFR

Chemicals & Aerosols















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