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Gear Cutting


TOP Gear Manufacturing and Cutting Services

TOP is established in the field of custom made gearing and has acquired extensive knowledge of gearing, through many years of manufacturing different geared components.
We have designed & manufactured gears for many types of gearbox assemblies and applications from machine tools, textile machinery, hoists, lifts, cranes, conveyors, to agricultural & mining.

TOP is owned by KPEc Ltd which is a registered ISO 9001 -2000 company and is a quality approved company.


Gear Cutting Capacity

Spur gears

Min diameter 0.500 - face width 0.250
Max diameter 24" - face width 3"


Min diameter 1"- face width 0.250
Max diameter 24" - face width 3" inches

Spline shafts

Min diameter 0.75" - length 18"

Worm Wheel

diameter 2" max diameter 18" inches
Bevels, straight & helical up to 12" diameter

Gear grinding ALL DP from 12 TO 5

Module from 2 to 5 96 teeth max

grinding 24" max length of spline 3" dia.
Max Involute spline or straight sided


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