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TOP total engineering solutions are able to offer a complete range of AC/DC motors. Stators and Rotors can be repaired or rewound.

Low voltage AC motor rewinds and repairs, high voltage AC motors can range from 2000 volts upwards soft and formed coil stators, squirrel cage rotor bars & slip ring rotors.


All motors are dismantled and a full report given to the customer as to the cost to repair the motor. TOP offer a 24 hour emergency service or 48/72 hour normal service.


DC motor repairs have been designed for numerous applications. They can be repaired, manufactured or rewound. This includes all their component parts including:
> Field coils
> Shunts
> Windings
> Armature coils
> Commutators
> Bearings
> Seals
> Brush gear
> Machining


TOP can offer a repair or quote a price for new on pumps and spare parts.Iif you require a repair or overhaul then give TOP a call to collect your pump free of charge and strip down your pump and give you a full breakdown of cost for the repair or where required a price to replace the worn out pump for a new one, and all this is carried out free of charge so don't delay give us a call today.


*Free collection, free delivery, free quotations! (*Within a 50 mile radius)





















Motor Rewinds
Motor Rewinds
Motor Rewinds
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