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Wheel Bonding and Castors

TOP Total Wheel and Castor Solutions

TOP wheels and castors are supplied & fitted . The forklift wheels can be stripped back to the bare metal and bonded with either a vulkollan material suitable for all types of forklift trucks in many applications or a high load rated polyurethane based material is also available for many forklift truck operations. Standard size pallet and forklift drive wheels are readily available to the customer. With TOP's ability to offer in house machining we are also able to machine new wheels and conveyor rollers to samples or drawings supplied.

> Polyurethane press on band tyres
> Vulkollan press on band tyres
> Vulkollan re bonding
> Roller re-covering in polyurethane & rubber
> Ranges of different hardness of polyurethane 55-60


TOP Castor Supplies

We are now able to offer competitive prices on castor wheels for all types of industries and applications required. If you are in the food processing industry we can offer stainless steel castors used in both medical & catering work areas. Below are lists of types different types of castors used.

> Heavy duty pressed steel castor
> Nylon wheel with blue plastic rubber tyre
> Medium duty pressed steel castor
> Polypropylene wheel & grey cushion rubber tyre
> Extra heavy duty fabricated steel castor
> Heavy duty twin wheel fabricated steel wheel

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